Thursday, October 9, 2014

There's something rotten in the State of ...

Well, Denmark! :)

The local flames of war community has an idea of how the game from NZ should be played, and ask the Global Community for clarification. Friendly Global Community clarifies.

Does it end here?

You can't really trust that the way the games been played for a decade or two has been right, can you?

Then you get supplied a reply to Canadien Local Group who asked this in 2012 by Blake from BF, and is this enough?

So, in order to fix this, the Single Point of Co(mmand)ntact, Phil needs to chip in to satisfy the suspicious Danes.

Posted By Phil at Battlefront on 09 Oct 2014 09:44 AM
 Posted By xxxxx on 06 Oct 2014 05:33 AM 
 Well as the topic says. Can they? On page 241 it says "Any German platoon, with a Platoon Command team may attempt a Stormtroopers move in its assault step". Warriors are not platoons and so can't have platoon command teams, but can they do it anyway?[/quote] 
 By the same logic, they can't move either, or be shot at. 
 Warriors are platoons in their own right when they haven't joined another platoon, so yes they can make Stormtroopers moves 


The amount of frustration and futile tries to help it took, was nothing than astounding. Also quite a few replied that rule-hunting at this level, is one main reason they don't want to go to tournaments outside their own neighborhood.

Next time, people, just send mail to Phil, and wait for an answer, you'll save a lot of time for everyone, including you.
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Monday, October 6, 2014

1250 points Panzerspäh take 2 to a tourney near you.

I took 1250 Späh to tournament last year, and los every single game with it. Had StuHs and Air, but no real assault power besides the StuHs, which was not enough. Also, not having any infantry wasn't too nice when defensing.

So, another list for next tourney, with two big platoons to attack with, enough recon, no AAA, no Smoke, but lot direct fire and infantry platoon that can do everything and stay there for few turns while doing it.

Pak40's, PZIVH's and Lehr Platoon should be enough to defend against most lists, while in attacking the big platoons should work together, assault first with the Panzers, then take the objective with Lehr.

6 Platoons, 1250 points, 7 AT9 guns, 5 AT11 Guns, 3 AT12 Guns, 3 Schrecks, 1 Faust, MG teams.

Heavy tanks are scarce in 1250 points games as are Air support, so will probably take my chance with this.