Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flames of War Online Youtube Commanding FJs remotely...

So, me being me, I finally let my big mouth get me into mr. Kepler's wonderful world of flames of war - online. The link to the BF forum topic here really interesting to see how this goes.

  Part 1
  Part 2
  Part 3
  Part 4
  Part 5
  Part 6
Part 7

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Preparation game vs. Hungarian HBG list from hell :) Pics and thoughts... Not a proper AAR

Sorry not a proper AAR at all, just wanted to share my thoughts after meeting the worst thing I could imagine, and surviving... well almost, fearless isn't...

Had a list from BBB with VDH all the traps, Stuhs, 88's(my first time with these and lost them without firing them at all...) , Pak40s, mortars, no 'real' artillery and short scouts with PzF

OpFor was 10 Zrinyi II's (Hungarian StuH with HBG), 3 panthers, pioneers, nebs, Toldi recce tanks and nebs.

We chose to play the Breakthrough as I haven't really played that before. The game proceeded very quickly, and ended on round 8 or 9 when Vdh rolled 1 for company morale, Hungarians having passed theirs before...

I really feel this list can win vs. anybody given the player(me..) is up to his game... I would not play this kind of list if the scoring was done BF style only, but with the upcoming ETC, the winning is more important.

Setting Up the factory did not block LOS, my bad placement of 88s seen below...

Finally got a proper Feldherr backpack with right sized slots...

FJ 1 ready to move to seize the objectives. Mortars seen behind them.

FJ 2 with it's attached stummel, holding the another flank with Paks.

Recon move.

Nebs, blissfully unaware of the fanatical faustmen, Eric and Karl, ready to drive them off the table... 
Reserves of the Hungarian, they did not fare so well after entering..

Perceptions of the units:

The trap teams were wonderful again in directing and delaying the enemy, one trap team eliminated the nebs in first 3 turns...

88's got smoked, then killed by the HBGs, Vdh resurrected one, these I need to think again, how to use them successfully.

StuHs were not stars here, but they forced the enemy to move the longer way.

The Recon caused trouble for the enemy by having that Faust and being a buffer for possible infantry early attack through woods, these I think will be useful.

Paks I really like, they were not stars of the game, but really forced the enemy movement again.

FJ with Schrecks and Fausts is the bomb, pure staying power and willingness to assault tanks... :)

Stummels were essential in keeping the enemy's no save guns to minimum fire.