Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Faerie Story - 2ID meets the 6th FJR in a magical dust up

Once upon a time, in a Land far, far away, the Necromancer was brooding, the nasty forces of good had invaded his land, and won a battle or two, against the superior armies of evil..

As the dawn broke, the Scouts reported a disturbance in the Force, and further investigations made it clear that a contingent of Mighty Wood Elves was in the vicinity, the Necromancer shivered at the thought, then hardened himself for the up and coming onslaught...

So, still trying to get as many practice games before the ETC I can, sometimes making my Significant Other  not too pleased...

We played a Dust-Up Mission with the following lists at 1780:

2ID from the Devil's Charge

6 FJR from the Bridge By Bridge

I won the first roll and chose a quadrant where I got a good fields of fire, and the stone church to move from, My paks did do nothing, until in the very end, they had a few misses against US reserves.

I choose to put a 2iC with a stummel, my recon, the StuHs and FJ2 to delayed reserves,

The US deployment, and the village, where it all went down...  the US player deploys the 155mm, AT guns, one SS and Infantry platoon.

This was also the last picture I took, sorry about that. 

FJ turn 1 : The FJ1 moves inside the church, paks dig in, stummels try to, 88 takes shots at the 155mm's but misses. I pop a Faust trap, that assaults the Guns, but misses, gun team did not...

US turn 1: US arty targets and kills the 88, also kills a team or two from the FJ1 IIRC. Digging-in Stuff, the SS moves forwards, Infantry truscott trotts teams across the clearing, into the building... (pfft, my first ever 2ID encounter this..).

FJ turn 2 : The FJ1 moves through the Graveyard and preps the Doubled up platoon for assault, Stummels smoke, Direct Fire from 88 and FJ1 is enough to pin the platoon and the assault goes in, and slays the teams in the building next to the objective.

US turn 2 : The TDs Deploy to the Village Square. Using .50 cals to root out FJ1, Infantry platoon fails to un-pin. Guns fail to hit the building (1 shot from a bunker buster hits on a 6. 4 teams in the building, brrr..)

FJ turn 3 : I get reserves, StuHs arrive. I deploy two Faust traps, who promptly shoot their Fausts at the TDs, scoring 2 bails,  StuHs bail one, the Infantry is Pinned so I assault...

Schreck team destroys the last active TD, the battle with the US infantry goes a bit against the odds, with the US staying for the end, and finally killing the last of the FJ1 including the CiC. The TDs leave though, and the Infantry platoon consolidates, now with 2 teams..

US Turn 3:
No reserves.
 Artillery ranges on a StuH, bailing the assault gun, the AT-guns fire on the Stuhs, bagging one.
Then the US player makes a rather bad move, by doubling up his 2iC to help with holding the OBJ.

FJ Turn 4:

2 Reserves :)

I bring the FJ2 and the Scouts.

Last Faust trap assaults a 155mm gun, kills it and consolidates another one.

StuH fail to un-bail, last active StuH fires at the doubled-up 2iC, who promptly attaches himself to the AT gun platoon, whose bazooka team was linking them here.

3 Kills later, the 2iC is still there (2 warrior saves, live and let die...) , but the AT gun platoon loses a Baz, Gun  and the Cmd team.

88 shoots at the 2iC scoring 2 kills, the CiC gets it, and the 2iC removes bravely the second last team from the infantry platoon. 

US Turn 4 :

Sole survivor check for the Infantry platoon succeeds and the team promptly kills the last Faust team.
1 Reserves, he gets the Mortars against my advice, and moves the to effective range. The 155mm unpin and 
fire a 2 gun bombardment on FJ2, 1 kill.

the At guns fire at the FJ2 1 kill.

FJ Turn 5 :

StuH fails to unbail. FJ2 moves to assault range of the AT Guns. Fail to pin. StuH shoots at the 2iC but fail the FP check on 2+... 

Stummels bombard the snot out of the moved Mortar platoon and 88 adds to mayhem.

FJ2 Assaults and the At guns are no more.

The Mortar platoon breaks.

US turn 5 : the sole survivor check fails for the infantry, company morale with 2iC: 2!

It's all over.

5-2 for the Germans.



  1. sounds like a great game there!

    1. It was, my friend is relatively new at the fow, and the aggressive infantry kind of took the initiative. And the list he had is not actually anti-infantry in it's nature.