Thursday, April 17, 2014

PanzerSpäh 1250 points! Pumas, StuHs and one Boston terrier.

So here's my Easter treat for our local tournament, or rather not that local, as it's a blood-feud between Helsinki and the rest of the Finland (Mostly Lahti and one accommodating Espoo-borne trooper).

CiC in Puma
6 * 2 Puma Patrols
4 StuH's
2 Nebs with transportation.
A Stuka G - limited (Not in pictures, thinking about getting a red Fokker dr.I to stand-in for Air :) )

I am not the best painter around, but I kinda like how these turned out.

Gamodls/BF Pumas, PSC StuH's, rest is BF

Lot of wheels for 1250 points, hoping nobody has wire...

Carlos, (Wild and Strong Mister X) in all his glory.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Garage days update

Hah, now I've got a gaming table, and in a few weeks, probably some decent terrain as well, although getting Boston terrier puppy on Saturday might mean some time goes for him. Children have decided he's gonna be called Hulk, so figure that will stick.

Had a new disciple recruited as well, to have a game of FFA with my Pumanas' and my Fallschirmjägers proxying US Paratroopers. The game took forever, as the first games tend to take, but now we have new player, he send me message about buying already US Para Company ;)

Pumas are something else,  they are fragile, have good gun and can't move in woods... But they are cheap, you can have lots of them, and StuH42 is bloody good tank in this game...

I'm gonna try out a 13 Pumas, 4 StuHs, Nebs and Stukas in a 1250 tournament I think. Just to get a real feel of the kittens.

Putting some speed to my forces after slugging with infantry for so long feel like therapy...