Wednesday, January 22, 2014

German's Trained or Veteran, few points.

As Desperate measures was launched, the newest collective understanding is that the Confident Trained panzers that survive platoon morale checks on 3+, are your best bet when running Teuton tanks on the table-top...

Well, Quick check on the worst enemy of a Panther. the Su-100, the thing re-rolls misses over 16" range.

Q: What can't be hit on over 16" range when Gtg?
A: Veterans...

I have my doubts on the survival of CT tanks, they shoot as well, get hit easier, ST more badly (if possible...) and are worse in assaults also.

You can have more tanks, sure, but you'll really need those :)

Also, something else, the Command range for trained tanks is 6" so the Arty/Air/NGFS are more dangerous..

Anyway, this is how I see this, YMMV and all.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

List building philosophies in Flames of War

It seems that there are different schools of thought when it comes to building an Army list for playing with little men.

Most common I seem to have encountered in forum threads lately is the

All bases covered or Combined Arms
Meaning you should have Anti-aircraft, Recon, Smoke, something to assault with, something to hurt heavy tanks with and something with high rate of fire for the hordes.

Obviously it's good to have options for dealing with different sorts of enemy, as long as these options are also something that can be used for other purposes when the particular enemy is not around.

F.Ex  17pdr, a gun to shoot cats with, when facing only infantry , it's a rifle gun team, AAA quite often comes in 2-tank platoon so is a liability in itself, recon is bit more resilient but fragile still.

Play to your list's strengths or Concentrated force
This approach means you should only have units that directly support your combat platoons and their mission, as in if you play Panzers, play as many panzers you can, with minimum points into other 'bases', essentials being Recon and AAA, smoke a nice to have, but not a necessity as you're not gonna stand and deliver, but rather be mobile.

And mostly it's about thinking about what you want to achieve with the force in principal, and figuring out which parts you need for that, then seeing the critical tasks, and possibly adding backup for that, giving redundancy.

If you only have one assault-capable unit in your list, or only one high AT unit, breakthrough/flametank unit, guess which unit the opposing infantry player will be gunning for from the start.

Rambling's over.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Re-Revised Red Bear errata, no more cheaper CS Matildas :)

Red Bear (Revised Edition) Errata

While preparing the Update PDFs for to bring the old editions of Red Bearin line with the Revised Edition, we noticed a couple of mistakes that needed correction. 

So what are these errors?
There are five errors:
Tankovy Company (Page 22): The change from Mark II (Matilda II) tanks to Mark II 76mm, (Matilda II CS) tanks should be "at no cost", and not "-5 points per tank".
Morskaya Anti-tank Platoon (Page 41): 4 45mm obr 1942 should be 85 points, not 95 points.Udarny Strelkovy Batalon (Page 79): The Hardened Veterans rule should also include the teams of the Udarny Strelkovy Batalon HQ.
Gvardeyskiy Kazachiy Tankovy Company (Page 119): The points for the Mark III (Valentine II) tanks are wrong and should be:
10 Mark III (Valentine II) 260 points
9 Mark III (Valentine II) 245 points
8 Mark III (Valentine II) 225 points
7 Mark III (Valentine II) 205 points
6 Mark III (Valentine II) 185 points
5 Mark III (Valentine II) 160 points
Arsenal (Page 157) Motorcycle Reconnaissance: Motorcycle Komissar team's weapon line should be called Pistol, not MG (Stats stay the same).