Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tourney Game 2 - No Retreat vs. Panzers to the Meuse PZIVs

My second game was against very aggressive and experienced tanker on a very nice Africa table, he wasn't thrilled to meet my force in this particular scenario...

His list had 2 + 4 +4  PZIVJs , PanzerGr platoon with 4 HTs, 3 IV/70s, 8-rads and Nebs.

I deployed both FJ platoons bit interlocked with the Schrecks on the side with the objective, the footprint was wide enough to make the flank march difficult if not impossible.

The Co, 2iC, first Platoon and the Ducks were on my face very fast, shooting with no effective. I just sit on gtg. One PzFaust killed PZIV on the second platoon.

On 2nd turn, the Ducks moved to Assault range, the Panzers/HTs maneuvers to  better assault me in next turns, some casualties maybe, can't really remember it was hectic...

The table,  Panzers attack from the left side.

The Panzers waste no time, closing the distance

I decide to deploy my ambush, the Paks/Schrecks shoot and Destroy 2 IV70s and Bail out the last.  I shot one Schreck with movement ROF, and assaulted the platoon successive, one down... 

After a very 'lucky' Pak Ambush, Guderian's ducks are burning.

The following turns I witnessed aggressive assaults, first Mounted Assault was thrown back, with no casualties. The shooting from the Tanks started to take toll. I started moving my other platoon to flank, to make the Opponent to react them. 

Before the storm, Trap teams causing harm in the back.

When I get my Stugs from the reserves it looks bad for the attack, the Mounted Assault push my Platoon back, and I'm rolling morale, with the old Necro pulling the dead back to fight. We get called on time and there is one last assault on the Paks, which goes south and with no casualties on FJs, 6-1 to me.


This was my second game with the list ever, and I started to grasp the capabilities of it a little better, my list was the Rock for the Scissors in this particular mission, still I think I managed to keep my calm and with more practice should get more from the Trap teams, the Meuse list is aggressive and the mounted assault is very dangerous in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. VonW I played against is very experienced tourney player who also let me into many useful tidbits about the European scene, which I'm thankful for.

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  1. The PanzerGrens must have been AufKlärungs as he had the spearhead...