Friday, May 24, 2013

ETC 2013 - Big Points vs. Little ones...

So gonna be going to the ETC - Fow Tournament as part of the Team Finland, and it's gonna be my first big tournament, 5 rounds of pure fun... Or not.

Well to the point of the title. Last year the big points as in Wins, meant that a team that scored less on BF scoring than some in the last ladder, actually managed 5th place, for they had more wins. I'm not criticizing this, but it means new approach to the lists, you can have 'glass cannons', you don't need 9 platoons, you can sacrifice platoons f.ex. As the 4-3 is a lot more valuable than 1-1, or 3-2.

Certainly, a list that does not leak points is not a bad approach, but there is also the possibility of always meeting the worst possible opponent, due to pairing, so it's not completely random, and you can't count on meeting all-comer lists, but it's quite probable to meet some specialized ones, all in theory certainly.

Looking forward to this experience and hopefully meet some of the fellows from forums I've had the pleasure to share thoughts with.