Thursday, November 28, 2013

Updated LFTF, check on Devil's charge Winter Training, NGFS and AOP changes :)

LFTF November Issue, updated.

Most important changes here:

 Where can an Air Observation Post be placed?

An Air Observation Post may be placed anywhere that its flight stand can fit on the table, but may not be placed so that it’s flight stand overlaps any team or Linear Obstacle, and the centre of the flight stand must not be in, on, or within 2”/5cm of a wood or building.

Does an Air Observation Post limit where the enemy can place Ambushes?

No, not unless they are using the Column Security special rule.

If an Air Observation Post is across the halfway line in a No Retreat or similar mission, is this enough to stop the game ending with a defender victory?

No. An Air Observation Post across the halfway line will not prolong the game, so the defender has won.

An AVRE can demolish an Obstacle with its Petard mortar. Can it gap a Minefield in this way?

No it cannot. It can only clear Obstacles that it can actually demolish.

In the No Man’s Land mission, only Fortified Platoons are deployed on table. How do I play this mission if I have a Fortified Company that doesn’t have any Fortified Platoons?

The mission is a recommendation for games between two Fortified Companies where normal missions would result in an uneventful stalemate. However, it is not always appropriate.  In cases where one side is a Fortified Company, but has no Fortified Platoons, you may be better to play a normal mission with the company that has no Fortified Platoons as the attacker.

Can my force be supported by multiple Naval Gunfire Support options?

Like Air Support, only one company in your force may have Naval Gunfire Support.

A Heavy Cruiser uses a Double-width Template that must be aligned with the table edges. Can it be either way around or must it be a specific way.

You must choose a table edge at the start of the game before Deployment as the one from which the naval gunfire is coming. If there is a table edge entirely within your Deployment Area, you must choose this table edge. The template must be aligned with this table edge as if the guns were firing from beyond the edge ofthe table.

Can an NGFS Air Observation Post or NGFS Observer team Spot for other artillery batteries, and can other Observer teams Spot for Naval Gunfire Support?

No. The Naval Gunfire Support does not have a Staff team, so its Observers cannot Spot for or other batteries, and vice versa. Company Command teams can still spot for Naval Gunfire Support using the Spotting With Company Command Teams rule on page 126 of the rulebook. Other Command teams cannot use the US Excellent Communication rule on page 240 of the rulebook

 Naval Gunfire Support

With the publication of Overlord, we are taking the opportunity to update Market Garden’s naval gunfire support to match.There are now three Naval Gunfire Support options:

• HMS Warspite for 250 points

• HMS Roberts for 150 points

• LCG support for 75 points.

A Commando may have support from multiple LCG (Landing Craft Guns), but only one option may be taken as either HMS Warspite or HMS Roberts.

Only one company in your force may have Naval Gunfire Support.

The rules for Naval Gunfire Support


For each you have Naval Gunfire Support, your force will field an NGFS Air Observation Post or NGFS Observer Rifle team that can only Spot for an Artillery battery of Confident Trained Naval Guns. Choose which you will field at the start of each game before deployment.

A NGFS Air Observation Post or Observer Rifle team cannot Spot for other artillery batteries, and other Observer teams cannot Spot for Naval Gunfire Support, although a Company Command team can Spot for Naval Gunfire Support as normal.

The guns are not deployed on the table, but have the range to hit any target on the table. They do not have a Staff team.

When firing an Artillery Bombardment with Naval Gunfire Support, position the Artillery Template as if the fire was coming from a table edge chosen at the start of the game. If there is a table edge entirely in your Deployment Area, you must choose this table edge.

Naval Gunfire Support always uses the smallest Artillery Template available, electing to re-rolling misses rather than use a larger Template

HMS Warspite is a 6-gun battery with Anti-tank 6 and Firepower 1+.

HMS Roberts is a 2-gun battery with Anti-tank 6 and Firepower 1+.

An LCG is a 2-gun battery with Anti-tank 4 and Firepower 3+.

Red Bear has been revised and reprinted.Do I have to buy a new copy to find out what has changed?

No. You can download the changes from:

Monday, November 4, 2013

Historical Scenario-based campaign at the Nopat and Taktiikka club

We had a nice tournament at the club last Saturday. The idea was to have 6 tables, each with a scenario and forces supplied by the organizers. We had plans how to grade the winners, but in the end it for too complicates so fun was what we got :)

This was very good experience for all, as who got to play lists who don't usually play and for me it's was very good to know the enemy better :)

Crossing of Maas EW 

French defending, Germans attacking with possibility to have Night attack, nobody took it, as they thought that Stuka is needed from start... (French won both games :) )

Sevastopol  MW

with CC soviets defending and Germans and Romania attacks. Here the defender prevailed as well, the infantry horde from MW was new thing for those who played this.

Road to Messina

v2 Roadblock scenario, I got to play this with US list, my first time, the Tiger was big problem, but in the end I had to ARP's going to kill that, but we did not have time to see the end here...


Ortona - the little Stalingrad

this was my creation, the Canadian forces equipment got changed bit. This was played twice, with both sides winning it, so ok.

No man's land

Finns versus Soviets, this I also played with somebody who has only experience with US tanks playing the Soviets and me the Finns, got the objective and won 5-2.


Been thinking about going for something completely different for a while now, and was originally thinking about doing a tank army out the SU arsenal, which I have none myself.

Now I'm hell-bent on trying out my Panzer General skills with the workhorse, PZIV-centered lists, mostly inspired by the writings of 'Panzer' Dan Larsen.

Here's my first creation, with 14 Panzers, AA, 3 Recon elements and 2 Smokers. 9 Platoons at ease.

The general idea is to smoke the opposition somewhat securely where it hurts the most, and manouver the crap out of him (in the end at least, guess it will be the other way round before that happens...)

So, here's the list #1, will update on the progress later on.

Version B Lots of stuff in the air with all the AA and Panzers, still a smoker and lot of small, angry cars arriving in your backdoor :)