Friday, April 19, 2013

Fallschirmjäger Pioneers - the best infantry in the game :)

FJ Pioneers - Rifle/Mg At 4 FV/FT, can take flamethrowers, supply truck what's not to like?

  • Price, at ~34 points per team, the FJ pioneer is very, very expensive
  • Flamethrower at 34 points, will you use it to pin/destroy CT troops?
  • Third platoon of infantry, unless you are one of the brave ones, who try out one of the FJ pioneer lists, this will be your third platoon of infantry, I'm not always happy to have 3 platoons of infantry.
  • I will try out a FJ pioneer list in future friendly games, but do not see the point in having these elites on any tourney list of mine.
There are a lot of good things to say about the FJ pioneers, that's for sure, but if you could get them as rifle teams, the price might be better... 


  1. In early war these guys rock. They have wiped the smile off many a British player using "impregnable" Matildas. In version 2 when I could take Brummbars they were a must have 3rd infantry platoon.

    1. Possibly in MW as well, but when you consider that Schreck team costs 25-30 points and FJ pioneer 34... Brummbar is bit on the obsolete side nowadays, am afraid.