Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Local tourney LW 1780 with 12 players. Part 1 the List

So I went to Lahti to try to qualify for the Finnish National Team for ECT :)

Took a list from Bridge by Bridge, one suggested and discussed with no other but the one and only Mathemagician, Riha.  I attached all Schrecks, 1 Stummel and 1 HMG to the first platoon, 1 Stummel and HMG to the 2nd platoon. the last Stummel went to the Stummelwerfer platoon.

Here's the list and pics, sorry they are crappy, but the painting ain't so nice either...

Full HQ options with both Fausts - 240

Full FJ with Faust - 275

Full FJ with Faust - 275

2x HMG platoon - 80

2x 8cm Stummel platoon - 65

2x 7.5cm LG40 platoon - 55

4x Pak40 platoon - 240

4x StuG G platoon - 380