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Flames of War V3 official FAQ - Old version, there's a new one now.

As the Version 3 FAQ PDF was very welcome indeed, I still prefer reading black on white, with less fluff, so here's a go at more readable FAQ for the fow's latest faq, took a while to compose, so be nice...

New version with latest updates.


Considering Guns that begin in a Very Difficul Going.

Page 44: No Guns in Very Difficult
Going: Replace “even to rotate on the
spot” with “even to rotate on the spot
(unless mounted on a turntable)”

At the start of the turn if the bogging test is successful...

Page 44: Freeing Bogged Down Teams:
Replace “manages to Free their vehicle or gun”
“manages to Free their vehicle or gun. If they Bogged Down entering Area Terrain, they back out to the edge,ready to enter again or drive off.”

Crash Action

Page 49: Crash Action:
Replace “when it Unlimbers”
“when it Unlimbers or Dismounts adjacent to the vehicle”

Digging in and state of the team

Page 51: Digging In:
 Replace “treated as having moved”
“treated as having moved when shooting, for example”

Page 51: Digging In:
Replace “for any other purpose”
“for any other purpose, including firing artillery bombardments”

Page 60: Leaving the Battlefield:
Replace “Any time that teams”
“ Any time that one or more teams”

Page 61: Mountaineers:
Replace “treat steep hills”
“treat gentle and steep hills”

Page 78: The 6” Rule:
Replace “on the far side of the Area Terrain”
“on the far side of the Area Terrain if the terrain is
taller than both the shooting team and the target”

Page 78: Bocage Hedgerows:
Add “as they are taller than all teams”

Page 86: Concealed by Linear Obstacles:
Replace “across Linear Obstacles”
“across Linear Obstacles that are at least
half as tall as that team or the one looking at it”

Page 88: Concealed by Area Terrain:
Replace “at least half in Area Terrain, but straddling the edge”
“straddling the edge of, but at least half in, Area Terrain
that is at least half as tall as that team or the one looking at it”

Page 90: Gone to Ground: Replace
“assault in their own turn”
“assault in their own turn or conduct anti-aircraft fire in their opponent’s preceding turn”

Page 100: No Saves from Big Guns:
Replace “Gun teams, Passengers, and Unarmoured vehicles ... Bunker Buster”
“Gun teams, Unarmoured vehicles, and all Passenger teams in vehicles hit by
a Breakthrough Gun or a Bunker Buster, automatically fail their Saves”

Page 102: Bailed Out a Second Time:
Replace “the shot has no effect”
“the shot has no additional effect on the tank”

Page 105: Appointing New Commanders:
Replace “(including attached supporting platoons)”
“(including attached supporting platoons, but excluding all Allied platoons)”

Page 110: Sniper’s Hide:
Replace “any Terrain Feature”
“any Terrain Feature (unless Impassable)”

Page 118: Improvised Armour: Replace
“If vehicles with Improvised Armour ... against weapons”
“If a vehicle with Improvised Armour fails an Armour Save
against a weapon”

Page 118: No HE: Replace “Infantry and Gun teams”
“Infantry and Gun teams and Nests”

Page 128: All Guns Repeat!:
“previous turn’s Bombardment”
“original Bombardment”

Page 151: Which Platoons are Defending:

Add “If a Defending Warrior or
Independent team is within 8”/20cm of an Assaulting team and has not Joined a
platoon, it must, if possible, immediately Join a friendly platoon.”

Page 161: Has the Assaulting Platoon Won:
Replace “no enemy teams within”
“no Defending teams within”

Page 161: Has the Assaulting Platoon Won:
Replace “the only enemy teams within”
with “the only Defending teams within”

Page 181: Who Can Shoot:
Replace “Any weapons (other than”
“Any teams that shoot at aircraft (other than with”

Page 184: Original Target Destroyed:
Replace “may select any other”
“must select any other”

Page 198: Flame-throwers:
Replace “any other type of vehicle or team is hit, it is”
“any other type of vehicle or team is hit, it and any Passengers it is carrying, are”

Page 218: Fields of Fire Diagram:
Replace “Nests with no obvious firing slit use...”
“Nests with no obvious firing slit can shoot in any direction.”

Page 226: Burying Bunkers:
“Tank teams fitted”
“Any teams fitted”

Page 234: Entrenchments: Replace
“Fully-tracked and Half-tracked vehicles and troops on foot”
“Fully-tracked vehicles and troops on foot, and Difficult Going for Half-tracked vehicles,”

Pages 238-239: Tank Destroyers: Replace
rules with revised rules.

Page 240: Time On Target:
Replace “Every team hit by a TOT Bombardment”
“Every team hit by a TOT Bombardment (and any Passengers it is carrying)”

Page 241: Stormtroopers:
Replace “cannot make a Stormtroopers move.”
“cannot make a Stormtroopers move, aside from Unlimbering”

Page 245: Schürzen:
Replace “When a tank protected by Schürzen is ... and fails its Armour Save”
“If a tank protected by Schürzen fails an Armour Save against a weapon with a Firepower rating
of 5+ or 6 hitting its Side armour”

Page 246: Night Attack:
Replace “If they do so, … uses the Dawn rules”
“If they do so, their company has the Always Attack special rule (see page 257). If a
player that makes a Night Attack is the attacker, the game starts in Darkness and
uses the Dawn rules”

Page 246: Night Attack:
Delete “When making a Night Attack, the company has the Always Attacks special rule (see
page 257)”

Page 248: Mike Target:
Replace “caught under the bombardment”
“caught under the bombardment (and any Passengers they are carrying)”

Page 260: May Attach Gun Teams:
Replace “You can attach out…”
“You can attach out up to half of the Gun teams, retaining at least two Gun teams
in the HQ Support Platoon.”

Page 260: May Attach Gun Teams:
“Whichever you do, no more than half of the Gun teams, but always at least one gun, may be attached to any one platoon.”

Page 260: Combat Attachments:
“excluding the Platoon Command and Transport teams”
“excluding the Platoon Command team, Observer and other Independent teams, and Transport teams”

Page 260: Combat Attachments: Replace
“the Platoon Command team is removed”
“the Platoon Command team (and the Komissar team if there is one) is removed”

Page 260: Combat Attachments: Replace
“may not Combat Attach more than half its teams”
“may not Combat Attach more than half its teams (again excepting the teams listed above)”

Page 260: Combat Attachments: Insert
before last paragraph
“If the platoon making Combat Attachments has Observer teams or other Independent teams, you must Combat Attach the Independent team with the rest of its section, and the whole section must be Combat Attached to the same platoon together.”

Page 263: Pioneer Supply Vehicles:
“If the Pioneer Supply vehicle is placed from Ambush, the Obstacles must be placed using the Placing Ambushes restrictions on page 266 as if they were teams in the same platoon.”

Page 264: Meeting Engagement: Add
“Players always roll dice to see who attacks and who defends in a Meeting Engagement, even when one of the forces
has the Always Attacks or Always Defends special rule.”

Page 266: Placing Ambushes: Replace
“Heavy and Immobile Gun teams”
“Heavy and Immobile Gun teams (whether Limbered or Unlimbered)”

Page 266: Placing Ambushes: Replace
“placed in Ambush closer than 16”/40cm to”
“placed in Ambush within 16”/40cm of”

Page 270: Summary: Replace “the
defender removes an Objective that they placed”
“the defender removes an Objective that the attacker placed”

Page 276: Deciding Who Won: Replace
“Fair Fight”
“There are No Draws”

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