Thursday, April 18, 2013

The US Tank Destroyer updated official rules in a nutshell.

The suggestion to Tank Destroyer Rules.

The Tank Destroyer special rules have been revised since the rulebook was printed. The revised rules are shown in the rulebook updates section (page 12) and completely replace the rules in the original rulebook.

When I place the Tank Destroyer Section, can I string them out to outflank the enemy?

To an extent you can. There are two relevant restrictions on placing the Tank Destroyer Section: they must be within Command Distance of a team from the Security Section, and be In Command when the Security Section is removed.

The first part requires you to place every team close to the Security Section, so you cannot string them out with just one team near the Security Section. The second part means you have to keep the whole Tank Destroyer Section together as a platoon, so you cannot put half of the Tank Destroyer Section at one end of the Security Section and half at the other.

If I’m playing a mission with Prepared Positions, is my Towed Tank Destroyer Platoon Dug In when they are placed?

No. Since the Tank Destroyer Section moved to follow the Security Section, they are not Dug In when they are placed using the Tank Destroyer Section rule.

Can Tank Destroyers be placed using the Tank Destroyer Section special rule within 12”/30cm and in Line of Sight of an AOP with the Column Security special rule?

Yes. The Column Security special rule applies to Ambushes, but the Tank Destroyer Section does not use the Ambushes rule. The AOP is still a team and as such prevents the Tank Destroyers from being placed within 4”/10cm of it, or within 16”/40cm of it in the open.

What happens if the Security Section of a US Tank Destroyer Platoon is Destroyed, but there is no legal place for the Tank Destroyer Section to be placed? 

If the Security Section is Destroyed, the Tank Destroyer Section is placed around its Destroyed Command Team. If it cannot be placed there because the enemy is too close or for some other reason, then it cannot be placed and the platoon is Destroyed.

If the Security Section of a US Tank Destroyer Platoon loses two out of three teams, does it need to take a Platoon Morale Check? 

No. The Tank Destroyer Section is still operational, so the Security Section does not need to take a Platoon Morale Check.

The Tank Destroyer Section will only take a Platoon Morale Check when half of the teams from the Tank Destroyer Section itself are Destroyed (assuming none are Bailed Out or Bogged Down

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