Wednesday, February 12, 2014

KG Peiper vs. French Tanks ~1000 points

Had a friendly game few weeks ago against pretty new player, who had only French PJ Shermans in his list, 12 in total. Sorry no Pics.

I had 1 plus 4 PzIVJs, 3 Panthers and 3 Pumas.

We rolled for Counterattack, and since we both were AA lists, we rolled and I got to defend...

With 3 Platoons, it was CiC PZIVJ and ambushing Panthers on the field, should have had the Panzers in ambush rather, as it was problematic to get them from reserves later.

He put 1 Platoon forwarder to the obj, and another, with HQ tanks to take mine reserves, which was good idea.

He had nothing that could kill my Panthers, so in the end, it was just up to cats to kill everything, after he had killed my Pumas and Panzers ;)

I have zero experience with tanks, except how to kill them with infantry, so this was lesson for me, and when your opponent needs 3+ to hit your tanks, it's not very funny ;)

With Puma's I was too aggressive... But that's how you learn stuff..

I hope Iron guinea pig also learned something, direct smoke is ok, but if you can't get behind the Panther's, they will rip apart general Shermans any day, Trained or not.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mechanized German Lists for ETC at 1780

Since it seems I won't be allowed to play tanks at ETC team this year, and really would like to play something else than mine FJs, here's my start for Mechs.

Panzer Lehr has those combat platoons from hell :) 10 Teams, 3 Schrecks, MG teams, HT's, when in defense, you cant assault that with Infantry nor Tanks.

With HT's, you can move those platoons to objectives and dig them in.

Mech list needs to be able to attack and defend, so's I think I'd like to have the Panthers to help not only with tanks, but also Gunlines, AT 10 and such can be real hurt for PZIV's/HT's, but Panthers can merrily ignore them.

Panzerwerfers should give more infantry/gun team killing power, not to mention the 3-wide smoke template.

Puma <-> HT Recon Mostly cause I own the Pumas.

4 PAK 40's is a very decent Ambush platoon and can be without trucks as it's not likely I'd not want them onboard if defending in Mobile reserves scenario.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Red Bear Revised edition errata, re-revised last edit 4.September 2014

Red Bear (Revised Edition) Errata

While preparing the Update PDFs for to bring the old editions of Red Bear in line with the Revised Edition, we noticed a couple of mistakes that needed correction.
So what are these errors?

These are the errors:
Tankovy Company (Page 22): The change from Mark II (Matilda II) tanks to Mark II 76mm, (Matilda II CS) tanks should be "at no cost", and not "-5 points per tank".

Morskaya Anti-tank Platoon (Page 41): 4 45mm obr 1942 should be 85 points, not 95 points.

Inzhenerno-Saperniy Batalon (pages 68 to 71): The Inzhenerno-Saperniy Batalon companies and platoons on pages 69 to 71 should not be marked with the Guards symbol. Count them as unmarked when reading the Company Diagram instruction box on page 68.

Udarny Strelkovy Batalon (Page 79): The Hardened Veterans rule should also include the teams of the Udarny Strelkovy Batalon HQ.
Hardened Veterans
Brutal fighting with grenades, bayonets, sharpened tools, and SMGs have taught these veterans how to survive the bloody chaos of the Eastern Front.
Teams from a Udarny Strelkovy Batalon HQ and Udarny or Shock companies pass all Skill Tests on a result of 3+.
In addition, when firing bombardments, Udarny and Shock companies roll to hit as though they were rated as Veteran.

Motorised Anti-tank Company (page 101): The options should read:
• Add trucks or Lend-lease M2 or M3 half-tracks for +5 points for the company.
• Arm any or all M2 or M3 half-tracks with a .50 cal AA MG for +5 points per half-track.

Peredovoye Otryad HQ (page 105): The rule box under the Peredovoye Otryad HQ should read:
Any tanks in your Peredovoye Otryad HQ, and in your Combat and Weapons Tankovy Company, Gvardeyskiy Tankovy Company, or Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Company, must be the same type of tank. However, Tankovy Companies may be equipped with a mix of T-34/76 and T-34/85 tanks.

Gvardeyskiy Kazachiy Tankovy Company (Page 119): The points for the Mark III (Valentine II) tanks are wrong and should be:
10 Mark III (Valentine II) 260 points
9 Mark III (Valentine II) 245 points
8 Mark III (Valentine II) 225 points
7 Mark III (Valentine II) 205 points
6 Mark III (Valentine II) 185 points
5 Mark III (Valentine II) 160 points

Arsenal (Page 157) Motorcycle Reconnaissance: Motorcycle Komissar team's weapon line should be called Pistol, not MG (Stats stay the same).