Monday, February 10, 2014

Mechanized German Lists for ETC at 1780

Since it seems I won't be allowed to play tanks at ETC team this year, and really would like to play something else than mine FJs, here's my start for Mechs.

Panzer Lehr has those combat platoons from hell :) 10 Teams, 3 Schrecks, MG teams, HT's, when in defense, you cant assault that with Infantry nor Tanks.

With HT's, you can move those platoons to objectives and dig them in.

Mech list needs to be able to attack and defend, so's I think I'd like to have the Panthers to help not only with tanks, but also Gunlines, AT 10 and such can be real hurt for PZIV's/HT's, but Panthers can merrily ignore them.

Panzerwerfers should give more infantry/gun team killing power, not to mention the 3-wide smoke template.

Puma <-> HT Recon Mostly cause I own the Pumas.

4 PAK 40's is a very decent Ambush platoon and can be without trucks as it's not likely I'd not want them onboard if defending in Mobile reserves scenario.