Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Of FJ and KT or 'Big, Expensive things"

Big, expensive things... Again, this can go both way, as one does not want to lose the big, expensive thing, and the other tries his hardest to avoid it...

Big Expensive thing supported by Fearless Veteran Infantry is a another headache for the attacker, you can't flank the beast, for fear of infantry assault and the 2" rule, and if ignoring the combination is really not possible either..

I personally love the effect when the opponent gets the vision of rooting out FV infantry, while getting slapped by BFG fire, it's quite easy to lose the focus, someone asked me if I'll bring the 2 KT with FJs to tournaments anymore but I think I just might, for that reason alone, only thing I'd like to have in that list is something fast, maybe marders... Pak40 is good, but since it's fairly static, you can't have them in reserve or anywhere too far to start with.