Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fallschirmjäger Support Options - the Tiger II

Tiger 2: You can get this beast using list  from the Grey Wolf eastern front LW supplement. It has impenetrable armor from front, goes straight to firepower with anything but the most heaviest tanks.

Have these in Ambush, Immediate Ambush, to make the best of them.

- FA15, nothing hurts it from the front.
- AT16 it can hurt anything
- Psychologically this beast can be the worst opponent, everybody is not expert in this game...
- 2 of these are something that can't be ignored.
- Tiger Ace skills
- Looks

- 345 points....per tank, and I really think you should take 2.
- It's Tiger I e for Air/Arty/Infantry
- It's slow and cumbersome
- Smoke makes it move, but again with 2 of these, other moves, other shoots with full ROF