Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fallschirmjäger Support Options - The LG40 7.5cm Recoilles rifle

7.5 cm Leichtgeschütz 40

The LG40 is another piece of warfare unique to the fallschirmjäger, it's cheap, packs a decent punch, and is man-packed gun, so gets concealment in the open, and can move with the boys, ROF 2 with AT9 and FP3+ is quite decent in DF. in defense you need to keep these dug-in, stationary, gtg, until the tanks assault, then unleash huge black cloud of smoke and some bang...

- Cheap at 55 points in most Late War books, back in V2 you could create KG out of one LG and 2iC for 2 ultra cheap reserve platoons. Even now, having a 55 points in reserve is very good option to have.
- Surprise factor, 2 guns in defensive fire with possible faust added packs quite a punch, they are easy to ignore for some, others thing they are really fearsome... Both effects on the opponent work.

- Fragile 3 teams, 2 gun teams, it is pretty easy VP if you let it be.
- Recoilless rules means the gun does not fire from inside of a building and more importantly if you fire with it, they don't get concealment for the next turn.

STUNTS to try on with the LG40:

  • Add the HQ Stummelwerfers to give them protection, and have a nice weapons platoon, guess you could add the schrecks as well to the platoon if you wanted to have ambush platoon from hell :) Should surprise at least...