Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1780 BBB against US Paras with TDs

Played this before the last tourney, where I could not go, while my youngest son had enough fever to get in the hospital...

I had something like this:

 2 Panzerfaust Cmd/SMG
 3 x Panzerschreck
 2x 8cm GW 42 (Stummelwerfer)
Von Der Heydte, 2x Panzerfaust Trap

Fallschirmjager Platoon - 1x Command Panzerfaust SMG, 9x Rifle/MG
Fallschirmjager Platoon - 1x Command Panzerfaust SMG, 9x Rifle/MG
Fallschirmjager Machine-gun Platoon - 4x MG42 HMG
Fallschirmjager Mortar Platoon - 2x 8cm GW42 (Stummelwerfer)
Fallschirmjager Scout Platoon - 1x Command PanzerFaust/SMG, 4x Rifle
Fallschirmjager Anti-tank Platoon - 4x 7.5cm PaK40
Assault Howitzer Platoon - 3 x StuH 42

1780 Points, 7 Platoons

He had about this:
2 Paratrooper platoons, Winters, 2 platoons of M18s, Mortars, Artillery.

Both M18s and  the other Para platoon in ambush on the table to start with.

We rolled for mission and got the No Retreat, with lucky me attacking. We had a time limit of 3 hours and had a blast.

I deployed my Faust traps to harass the Security section, while everybody moved forwards, Paks stayed in overwatch.

Once my FJs were too close, he had to put the ambush on with the Para platoon. Then spring the TDs, few turns later it looked like this :)

I smoked the para platoon and assaulted, but got thrown back, assaulted again and he counter-assaulted... And so on. Until there were only drags left of both sides platoons, I had t attached HMG in the building top floor, after the rest of the platoon was gone, these stayed and rolled to stay...

Next the american player had a bad thinking moment and he assaulted me, with 4 Schwere MGs, CiC with the Smg it was not good... My next turn the HMGs tried to force a platoon check to remove the contesting teams but time was up. 1 - 1 as neither lost a platoon... FV vs. FV is nasty.

My conclusions were that we both made a lot of mistakes, my Pak40s were too far back to have effect, Faust traps were crippled by the very short no man's land, Stuhs survived... but really had no place in this battle. Scouts I moved with the idea of harassing the backfield, losing few turns before using them for what they are meant for, lifting the G-t-G from paras, in order for Mortars to smoke/pin.

We played this quite a while ago so sorry if I forgot something...


  1. Great blog man! I've never checked it out before. I'm adding you to my blog roll.

  2. We are using the anti-slow play rule from ETC,

    "Defensive/Mobile Battle (where only win/lose is possible). Players did not play
    6 rounds in given time and the Attacker contests the objective. Then the result
    is calculated as in Fair Fight and see above for points.
    In all other situations winer is determined by the scenario rules."

    Not 100% sure we did not play 6 rounds, so if we did, it would have been 1 - 6.

  3. I was your opponent :)
    It was a good game, and a personal learning moment for me :D

    1. Every game is, at least when played competitively :) learned tons again...