Thursday, May 28, 2015

Now what would cheese have to do with Flames of War?


The always defending Germans with their AT99 breakthrough guns Packed with more armor anyone needs, ever, have been discussed to death in the forums with being something that kills the fun of playing while the death ray hits whats it pointing to. Halkomahooli will be playing something like that in our game one day in late June or early July.
Bridge at Remagen, big cats who like to play it safe and defend always.


To not be outdone, I will be playing the old favorite, CT/CV min-maxing spearheading tankers with 100 points of pure cheese leading it. We will try to kill each others minis in nasty Cheesematch, in which the always defend meets the always attack. 
Lucky 7th with Jumbos, Easy eights, Patton and AOP.
We shall be reporting on the outcome of the bout, or two, if we have time, Halkomahooli lives in Lahti and I in Helsinki, so this will need more to do than the usual please for wife.

Edit. The level for the games was set to 1780 .