Friday, May 29, 2015

Bricks of Cheese

So, we are to have a match of Flames of War with Mikko H in near future to find out which list has more Cheese, 7th AD or 2./512 Schwere Panzerjäger Abteilung.

Naturally I'm going to command the Big German Cats (with Cheese). I take this as an opportunity to sharpen my skills with Big Cats. It's also an opportunity to find a playable and joyable list with fewer points that I've customed with. My normal points limit being 1900 and our game being 1780.

So will I win? Yes. With His German Cheeseness (by rules), Ace of Aces, Herr Oberleutnant Carius as my commander in the field, I have no doubt of that. Backed up by his friends in their German Cheese Bricks (aka Jagdtigers). And a bunch of other stuff I won't be revealing just yet.

German Brick Cheese brought to you by Nasonville Dairy

So why Jagdtigers are Bricks of Cheese? Well, for starters they have impervious Front Armor of 16. Second they have the meanest gun of all, Anti-Tank 17, Firepower 2+, Breakthrough Gun, a bane to any tank, infantry or gun team. And third, Carius has perhaps the best special rule ever: Setting Up The Shot. Ignore concealment given by terrain and thus ignore Gone to Ground, and ignore +1 to hit for long range. And fourth, they are big metal boxes that look like and could be cheese.

Sadly after some whining in the forums Carius' special rule was nerfed "a bit" in the latest Lessons From The Front.

Enemy teams do not receive Concealment when shot at by Carius.

Enemy teams do not receive Concealment from terrain when shot at by Carius.

I know it was done in pure essence of game stability. But it still is a great rule, no concealed and GtG for tanks except when Carius is being smoked. It's the infantry and gun teams that benefit the most of this. Now dug in infantry will be concealed and GtG in the open, as long as they don't shoot, so only max 6' to hit if shooting at veteran infantry.

So let the army with most Cheese win! We all know the result, don't we? ;)

And something about cheese. I think this is the best cheese I've ever tasted, sorry it's not German but Norwegian cheese:

Brought to you by Tine from Norway