Monday, May 18, 2015

The three little (american) elephants, that could (ruin the German generals day). Thoughts about my first outing with the Yankee steel.

While I have been only playing German lists for my years at the hobby, the min-maxer that lives on my shoulder has been nagging about getting some US tanks up...

Took the list from one of Bill Willcox's forum posts, thought about it, and now tried it first time. Result: 6-1 in Hasty Attack, versus 10 platoons of gebirgjägers, with pioneers, Stugs, 2 lots of Paks, and stuff.

I know Hasty Attack isn't the hardest test for the list, but still, my first time with it so pretty good result.

I lost 2iC Jumbo and 1 PJ Sherman in the game, while killed 4 platoons. Focused attack at one objective, then gunning down everything that tried to move to help it. Ninja Shermans kept one Pak40 platoons 2 guns fighting them somewhere where the battle wasn't won.

3 Jumbos is the key for survival, Patton is something else, I even forgot he could re-roll reserves and had that 3+ motivation. :P

2 lots of Priests was nice, and I even combined them with hit with everything with 105mm Shermans for one strike.

Will try it versus other lists in other scenarios to see if it shines there also, while actually learning to play it as well...

My force, very much WIP still.

Everything but AOP from Gaming Models #Gamodls Lot of painting and all the decals missing still.

The field of battle, after objective setup.

After the Germans have setup, lot of unpainted ones, but he was moving houses so no time to paint.

After 1st round movement. The Americans really get around, even with Jumbos.

Now what to do, what to do? Damned if you do, damned if you don't. (I rolled abysmal firepower checks for the first turns.)
Pair of Ninjas use smokebombs.

Remains of a full platoon of Gebs after two platoons worth of MG fire hits them while doubling.

The objective isn't safe anymore...

AOP takes the artillery to elsewhere.

Stugs to the rescue! 6" smoothriding E8's and Jumbos make Stug life hard.

No more pics, for I forgot to take any, usual endgame issue for me. Stugs died, 3 at first salvo, the last stayed to ding on Jumbo, before finally submitting. Gebs came on the objective, failed the Tank-terror, got obliterated. We checked the last reserves and it went too far, so 6-1 for the Americans.