Friday, May 29, 2015

Royale with cheese, or, Patton con queso.

All this talk about cheese makes me hungry, but I'll give some response to the over-confident teuton. I have two games with Americans under my belt, and the other one was year ago with MW ARC in scenario games day at the club. That isn't much, but the ' Lucky 7th' is a joy to play, so I'm not too worried.

The Jumbo looses a lot of its OP versus AT17, But should be good for killing the rest, also, reserves with defender can really bite the remagen Cats where it hurts. I have olento smoke, and those cats are ReluctanT. If I was making list versus these JTs, I probably Would take no Jumbos, and using the Detroit Plus spearhead to be in flank as fast as possible. Maybe having some 155mm guns, air support or infantry also. But that's not this cheese. So we will go where the angels dare, and put some 76mm rounds Where they don't want them.

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