Thursday, September 24, 2015

Push to Meuse versus Bad language

Just a quick one, sorry no pics. Invited a friend over to have a game between two always attacking, spearheading medium tank lists.

2 PzivJ
4 PzivJ
4 PzivJ
4 PzivJ
Full aufk
Puma patrol
Nebs trucks




2 Easy8

2 easy8

3 armored mortars plus .50
3 m4a3 105mm
Vet cavalry recon
3 Priests with m4a3


As both list are always attack, we rolled and PTTM got to defend in Fighting withdrawal.

The game was a nailbiter, on my turn 8 I managed to hunt down a panzer to force first platoon morale, which he failed and, starting his turn, the company morale.

Make the 4+ to win, otherwise lose, can't be better than that after hard fought 8 turns, and the confident German rolls.... A 3!!!!

Both lists have a lot of potential and really are something that can give battle to both. They also come from Mr.Willcox list ideas, so probably are not for everybody, we really had a lot of fun, even if my wife was very, very angry. ;)

Friday, September 4, 2015

Sigh, getting old, forgot the title. :P Anyways, FAQ/LFTF updated.

FAQ updated with September additions, added the EW books to the mix while at it.

Bigger things were:

  • Clarifying who always attacks/defends in v2 based lists.
  • Aircraft gets shot at any part of the model
  • Sending Supply vehicles to the rear