Monday, June 16, 2014

FNG - Friend lured into the Game with US paras.

Have been playing lately in my Garage. And against my old friend and his US Para lists. First game we did, was 1000 points or so, with Pumas vs. them. Free for All or something like that. 5-2 for me. Next one was 1250 with DM Panzers attacking in Hold the Line, 6-1. Last one was DM Panzergrens attacking in No retreat, 4-3 with me having 1 panther, nebs and 2 1-car recon platoons left.

His getting better, and so am I, it's fun to try new lists with I don't have experience and see him getting the Paras going, next game he wants to attack, so it's time for FJ's, I thought about having something with CT, but I think it's better to have about same number of teams.

Life is good, with game every week now :) Also, the 1250 points is nice for new guy, still the game takes 3-4 hours about, but can only hope they go faster with experience.