Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Late War US conspiracy..

The Forums at BF have been quite livid with few quite prominent Fow tournament players sharing their thoughts about US supremacy in FOW Late War. The other side is the usual suspects and quite many disciples I'd guess. I, myself believe in skill at the game, but really don't like the idea of big templates of doom, delivered with pin point accuracy. This will make maneuvering more difficult than it is already and make not moving better choice usually.

The pro-artillery people say that other folks should build their lists versus artillery... So what could be best versus Arty park? Well, unless they nerf it, NGFS with heavy cruiser support should be good. Night attack is very good to have versus those as well, so go British?

Guess a Puma horde might be a plausible option as well, or maybe another US list, with Artillery and 11 platoons? Oh, what fun the tournament would be with only templates? And maybe Allies only. i really think that somebody should do Open tournament book of lists for FOW, in the end, although it being historical game, the nations are nothing but 'races' in a fantasy setting.

Fow is not the first choice for most people, and if new player faces too many 'not-fun' lists when trying it, I don't think it will get a second chance.

As to the omnipotence of US lists, I think it's still, we, the gamers, and our skill, that means more. Still, somebody like Bill Wilcox and Steve from UK should be heard when the competitive game is talked about. These dudes play all the nations, and play them well, not just one.

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