Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Battlefront Forums - or how I stopped worrying and started to love the trolls.

Got to be ill in the head to enjoy the BF forums nowadays, but if there is a slight chance that it's the forum that the Phil, Wayne and the rest hear best, it's also the way to get your issues to seen.

So, why it's horrible:

Well, first and foremost, the usual suspects:


The great old ones, who have a scores to settle from beta version of V1 days. The people who know why and how the game should be played. These guys are usually nice for new players, though. they are little bit like ents, some are nice and friendly, other ones have forgot how to speak to people ;)

The Good

There are quite a few good guys in the forum, you have LES who helps everyone with their lists, and also does community service for BF by letting them know if there are issues in pdfs or books.
There's Wild Bill, who seems to be terribly concerned about not having opponents in future. There's lot of people who are really interested about the history, the painting and all sorts of things on the hobby side.

The Bad

Some guys just have to defend their own, even it means there is nothing to defend. I've seen this in my WOW days, when they finally made everybody the same, after whining enough.

New bloods - Rangers

These I've identified as the die-hard fans, who attack anybody who ask something without buying the books first. Also, if you say anything bad about design, the wolves will be there. Quite often, these guys at least play the game, which they tend to know better than anybody else.

New bloods - The guys who knows everything

The other side of gaming, young folks, who haven't played the game ever, but read from the forums that Panther is useless, and will happily let  everybody know that in Army lists forum, while letting the OP know his idiot while doing it.

As to where I myself fit, is not for me to say, I like the game, but to be honest, if I knew I'm never going to another tournament, I'd  probably move to some other game. But as killed by Trolls, never!