Friday, June 13, 2014

Your average wargamer in Finland - isn't.

Had a discussion with my old friend couple of days ago, when he told me about encountering these younger dudes at company sauna party (-not that kind of story-). He has the Vault Boy from Fallout tattooed on his chest, having been an avid gamer since the fire was brought to Finland. And this 25 something fellow identified it and they started talking about games in general.
Later, the summer help guys joined them and started going on about how the gamer's were considered nerds in their past, when they were young... My friend asked them how young was that and that's when they figured out the tattoo on the rather hill-billy, old Ford pick-up truck driving, bald, bearded gentleman, and promptly fell silent.

I started thinking about the Gaming community I'm part of and you can't really identify any common trait on the appearance or in their way of interacting with the world around. We have all sorts of people, theater directors, entrepreneurs, bartenders, IT industry folks, generally educated people though, self or schooled.

Wife has been rather fascinated with meeting these old friends of mine and learning that I've met them through role-playing games or blood bowl, instead of the Military service or perhaps a Motorcycle gang. :)