Thursday, June 19, 2014

Panzerfaust traps - the use of weapons

Since Bridge at Remagen has trap teams in the SS Westfalen, I thought I'd share my theories on tactics, based on my experiences with the FJ traps that are similar.

They can be deployed basically anywhere, so if you are facing big tank platoons with craploads of machine guns, it's not necessarily a good idea to drop them in front of them, being trained they will get hurt and be just a 20 points wasted.

But where they excel is in removing bailed and bogged tanks. Enemy has to attack, so he'll have to move, you hit those tanks, some will bail out, some will be bogged. And the enemy needs to either babysit these, or leave em to the reaper ;D

The old trick that involves a lot of good dice rolled is best utilized versus western/German tank platoons. Pick a spot, pop all the traps, and assault the bailed with the last trap. You kill a platoon with Jumbo and 2 E8's with this and the points will be well spent.

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