Monday, June 30, 2014

Reports from the Front! Your fearless reporter plunges into the murky depths of war-torn BF forums and gives you the headlines!

I'm gonna be starting a new series here on my funky, little blog, of mine. I know quite a lot of Distinguished Gentlemen who get rash just thinking about trawling through the nasty sea of flames of war forums.

So, here we go with the latest what's happening.

NGFS Playtests

From behind the scenes we have learned that a few good men sacrificed some of their valuable time to conduct a series of tests, to show the monster and excel to BF folks. Who, obviously lacking in excel calculations themselves, figured that there is perhaps something off in the way the Naval Gunfire is depicted in the game.

BF still tries to convince us all that all the testing can be done by the merry volunteers from the community, in the form of running the NGFS with fixes, and reporting them on the forum. This has led to one German lobbying the utter worthiness of the NGFS, along with the usual sing-along folk, who enjoy the occasional flame war now an then.

The slight issue seems to be that not that many people are playing the NGFS, nor too willing to report. We do know though, that most ETC teams had NGFS planned for use, or at least prepared for.

Germans suck

The hunt for why the Germans are so crappy in the game continues, with some help from yours truly, in fanning the flames.
Notable findings have been:
Panthers are too pricy! ( "Still very nice and not too bad for the points, but anyway :)" )

US are OP

TOT is something that doesn't happen for most US players ever, and their opponents receive it on a constant pace.  It's easy to calculate though, trained team in the open, moving gets hit by TOT at 3+ on a one die, veteran at 4+.

Old v1 had the TOT bombardment at +1 to roll for rangin-in. JR suggested a single die for TOT bombardment that would need to be declared prior to rolling. Seems fair, and in with the fluff.

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