Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Reports from the Front - soviet edition - Updated

Edit. IS2 is back on the top complaints list, 'we had our assault guns fixed with no cost, why not IS2 as well'.

Based on the fact that most people think it's not worth to include in a list, it should be made better. Panthers anyone? :)

ed. IMHO/I think the 'Tally Ho!' kind of solution would fit the best, VF is too powerful./IMHO

Generally, the soviet playerbase seems to be rather content, the revised Red Bear and not as much the DM have restored the reds former glory somewhat, with little help from Cat Killers. Also the extinction of Panther helps.

IS-2 is something people have issues to put in good use, otherwise it's infiltration as normal.

Tankovy is good again. The fear of a KT is alive, but no really complains from the Soviet base, RT jagdtigers or no.

Hero motorstrelkovy, PO, Rota and Tankovy are the lists people still talk about.

In EW the light tank nastiness beats low at infantry left and right, mostly right.

The tournament game does benefit from redundancy and always attack plus spearhead, and Soviets have that.

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