Friday, July 4, 2014

Bridge at Remagen - SS Panzerbrigade Westfalen

My new best opponent forever wants to try attacking with his Paras, so I need to have something that defense always :P

We will use 1500 points as his got the rules now, with 4 games or so. I have no idea what he'll have, but this what I will have.

The SS guys have Enjoy the War at 2+ for everyone. The traps are nice to get without paying for any hero. Also Ostwinds with RV are really nice, nebs are so and so, but so what, this will be somewhat painful exercise but so is life :)

We'll see how this goes.

HQ is CiC and 2iC with Fausts and SMGs
We'll add two Schreks
3 of those PF traps
2 Aufk platoons, CA MG42 and Schreck to each
Full 8 cm Mortar platoon, no observer
2 RV King Tigers for 600 points :D Tiger Aces and all
2 RV Ostwinds
RT Nebs

Edit. Decided to go with 1650 points, so will add 1 trap, 2 MG42's, an observer for the mortars and 1 Ostwind.

I really, really enjoy attacking after years with my FJs, though I attacked with them quite lot also, but they are not the best mobile force. So, I really hope this guy does not want to attack me after this game :)