Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kullervo's Finnish Jääkäri Komppania - alku / The Beginning

At last some sunlight to take photos. But before that thanks are in order to VonRichthofen to accepting me as a co-writer. Who am I? Go here or just let my miserable existence be because the most important part of me is here. Down below:

I am a fluff player and honestly I have played only couple of games FoW before so I am focusing to what is closest to me. Fluff orientated armies! And as you know FoW is the Fluff-Heaven. There are so much fluffs that you have a couple of lifetimes to spent vacuuming them!

First and still work in process army is Finnish Jääkäri Komppania. Technically Jääkäri Pataljoona 3 and one of its companies supported by Sturmi Joukkue and lots of more stuff. It is badly undone. Only 5 bases ready and two almost ready Sturmis. Still some shopping to do and so on. I will try to get something done in future so be ready.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Red Bear re-visited

So, the soviet pleas were heard by the BF, and now it seems the horde will be viable again.
For a German infantry player that is not necessarily such good news...

Anyway, as for tactics against the Russians, let's review the what used to work...


Smoke them, make them move, Hen & Chicks means they can't hit you, except with MGs and there are quite a few of those in a 10 tank company...


Kt, Tiger, Panther used to be the poison versus russians, now the Su-100 might be the cure..


Well, your German infantry stand costs more that Soviet LL tank, go power-armour, defending is defending, but in FFA, Dust-Up and the similar will be painful, plus the New Udarny seems to be something that puts the German infantry to a test as well.


If only the Prinz Eugen could fire it's 8 guns like it's western counterparts...

This is not a whine, but I'm hoping to hear from you all about how the new changes effect the game, and let us review what used to work, especially when it comes to removing hordes :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Looking for collaboration / Kiinnostaako Flames of War blogi yhteystyö?

Writing a Flames of war blog alone is something I like to do but if somebody wants to do posts here, I'd like to hear from you. Any ideas how to make the blog more interesting would be something I'd like to hear.

- Finnish language posts?
- AAR's
- Tactics
- Cartoons
- Painting stuff
- Another games

Please contact me at mikko.hellemaa(at)

Friday, October 18, 2013

ETC 2013 - Team Tournament BBB-FJ

Team tournament - Winning is all

So, after the bad show on the ESC, felt like I should stay off the beer and have a better gaming day.

1st round we got to face off against Canada, I played the very nice Pole and his Canadien Infantry list.

The Scenario was Breakthrough and he had, those armored APCs, Land Mattresses, 6 pounders, UCs, Wasps, M10s and Infantry, he elected to do Night attack, which allowed me to move to defend the objectives under cover of darkness, his first Infantry platoon was destroyed pretty early, when he assaulted my short scouts, the next round I assaulted the remains and killed his CiC as well.

The M10s arrived from the reserves, and promptly killed my StuHs but got finished themselves also in the process, by trap teams, StuH and finally my CiC. The last rounds were mostly bloody assaults from both sides, leaving the Canucks no other option but break my co morale, which failed, his only effectives in the end were 3 6 pounders, so after his Mattress failed to range-in, we called it 4-3 for me.

The second game was against Spain and I faced Canadien Recon tanks in dust-up. I had the joy of downing an AOP in the game, the game itself was pretty uneventful, although my trap teams caused him all sorts of trouble, including a free kill with his left behind, bogged down 2iC in the woods. I almost stole the game with my StuHs and recon arriving from the reserves, but he realized the danger just in time to have his CiC tank with the huge artillery to delay me enough to not make it. 2-3 draw.

Third game was Fighting Withdrawal versus Hungarians and a US tank list with Shermans,Jumbos, Stuarts, Priests, Recon Jeeps, Infantry and stuff. I deployed my objectives to the left and center and he put his next to my center objective. I never had any real danger in this one and his arty kept trying to kill my 88s, once he managed to kill one gun, only to have VDH resurrect it...

I actually had my StuHs in ambush and never had to deploy them, the 88s fired a salvo at 5 Stuarts, hit 6 times and destroyed the platoon, needing 6s... There was a bit of assaulting in the end, but FJs are pretty good at that business, so no real worries there either, 6-1 for me.

This concluded the day, and spent the night grabbing just a couple beers and fine dining.

The Sunday started with lot less hangover... And we merrily headed to the Master Center again. First game was Surrounded against Serbian gameshop owner, and his US tanks, with Shermans, TDs, Sherman 105s, 2 Infantry platoons, Mortars and Recon, he had Abrams with the lot. I had been facing all sorts of artillery in the tourney, so promptly spread my troops, which wasn't such a great idea as he had only the mortars for indirect. In the end it didn't matter that much, he lost his 105s early by failed assault on my Fjs, 2iC Faust and 1 Schreck, both pinned, hit and maimed, rest of the Sherms were bogged so his best anti-infantry weapon down. After that, I cleared the infantry platoons in leisure by StuHs and FJs. He got the game to 4-3 by killing the 88s and one FJ platoon.

The Last game was Counterattack versus Slovakia and I got to defend against Aufklarungs, with Cannons, a KT, StuHs, Recon, Nebs and HT infantry. The HT infantry started by doubling to end of  a street where only my 88s could see them ;) I foolishly did not target the 2iC but maimed the platoon and it left the map. The 2iC almost took the Objective when I slept... StuHs were unkillable, I hit them with everything, 3 trap teams and so on. My StuHs cleaned the Cannon platoon and I started moving my FJs a bit late to defend the far objective, with my remaining 2 StuHs, lucky for me, he forgot to move his 2iC once, which was enough for me to get a StuH to contest, only had to survive a round of shooting from his StuHs to win...

And I save everything, 4-3 and a nice 4 wins 1 draw for me, Team Finland raised from last years position 1 place and us newbies for the team gained invaluable experience.

Thanks to the Organizers for the very well organized tournament! And thanks to all my opponents for tough games.

ETC experiences 2013 - ESC

So better late than never, I guess... I took my Fallschirmjägers to the Novi Sad, Serbia to fight friendly wargamers from all over the world.

I started my games very tired and thirsty in the singles tournament, had a cassino list and started by having to fight Cossacks in dust-up, I did my best to try to take the objective but just did not have enough umph to make dent in the soviet masses, in the end I did not have enough to hurt even the lowly Lees, whiffing all of my 3 schreks shots and stuff. Anyway, the best I could hope in this would have been a tie, so better to lose so at least somebody is happy :) 1-6

Next game was versus my team mate, very drunken now after loosing his first game as well, was defending against 30+ Beutepanzers in surrounded, happily survived the grumpy, drunken maneuvers to 6-1 win. Shame on the TO's for the match-up though, traveling to Serbia to fight a club mate is not too fun.

Last game I faced a Trained BBB Fj list in counterattack, had been drinking a lot at the time and when I got to defend, was over-confident... although maiming the opponent, his fearless Stugs stayed alive long enough to kill my CiC/2iC and 4 platoons... 3-4 and a good lecture on not drinking while gaming...