Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kullervo's Finnish Jääkäri Komppania - alku / The Beginning

At last some sunlight to take photos. But before that thanks are in order to VonRichthofen to accepting me as a co-writer. Who am I? Go here or just let my miserable existence be because the most important part of me is here. Down below:

I am a fluff player and honestly I have played only couple of games FoW before so I am focusing to what is closest to me. Fluff orientated armies! And as you know FoW is the Fluff-Heaven. There are so much fluffs that you have a couple of lifetimes to spent vacuuming them!

First and still work in process army is Finnish Jääkäri Komppania. Technically Jääkäri Pataljoona 3 and one of its companies supported by Sturmi Joukkue and lots of more stuff. It is badly undone. Only 5 bases ready and two almost ready Sturmis. Still some shopping to do and so on. I will try to get something done in future so be ready.


  1. Looking good, any chance of seeing you in the capital area maybe in the summer? Got any games lately?

  2. Thanks, next summer is still unbooked - maybe yes.

    No battles to report. Last skirmish was in 2012.