Friday, October 25, 2013

Red Bear re-visited

So, the soviet pleas were heard by the BF, and now it seems the horde will be viable again.
For a German infantry player that is not necessarily such good news...

Anyway, as for tactics against the Russians, let's review the what used to work...


Smoke them, make them move, Hen & Chicks means they can't hit you, except with MGs and there are quite a few of those in a 10 tank company...


Kt, Tiger, Panther used to be the poison versus russians, now the Su-100 might be the cure..


Well, your German infantry stand costs more that Soviet LL tank, go power-armour, defending is defending, but in FFA, Dust-Up and the similar will be painful, plus the New Udarny seems to be something that puts the German infantry to a test as well.


If only the Prinz Eugen could fire it's 8 guns like it's western counterparts...

This is not a whine, but I'm hoping to hear from you all about how the new changes effect the game, and let us review what used to work, especially when it comes to removing hordes :)