Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Any decent player....

When posting list ideas to the Forums, you quite often get replies along the lines of :

- Any decent player will just smoke it
- Any decent player will just ignore it and kill the squishy platoons
- Any decent player will destroy that list

And so on, well I sincerely believe that if you play a lot, you get better, and when the people who play a lot, play against other people who play a lot, these perceptions might apply.

However, any decent player hasn't played against every decent lists frequently, and so needs to adapt when they meet something different. If everybody would play the 'Cookie-cutter' builds, there would be even more truth to the matter, still, Murphy's laws do apply here as well:

Fearless - Isn't
5 rolls in DF equals 5 hits
Smoke it: Smoke needs to range-in, need to remember to do it first (even decent players forget stuff)
Ignore it: I'm sure somebody said the same thing about Hitler
Dice are fickle