Monday, November 4, 2013


Been thinking about going for something completely different for a while now, and was originally thinking about doing a tank army out the SU arsenal, which I have none myself.

Now I'm hell-bent on trying out my Panzer General skills with the workhorse, PZIV-centered lists, mostly inspired by the writings of 'Panzer' Dan Larsen.

Here's my first creation, with 14 Panzers, AA, 3 Recon elements and 2 Smokers. 9 Platoons at ease.

The general idea is to smoke the opposition somewhat securely where it hurts the most, and manouver the crap out of him (in the end at least, guess it will be the other way round before that happens...)

So, here's the list #1, will update on the progress later on.

Version B Lots of stuff in the air with all the AA and Panzers, still a smoker and lot of small, angry cars arriving in your backdoor :)