Monday, November 4, 2013

Historical Scenario-based campaign at the Nopat and Taktiikka club

We had a nice tournament at the club last Saturday. The idea was to have 6 tables, each with a scenario and forces supplied by the organizers. We had plans how to grade the winners, but in the end it for too complicates so fun was what we got :)

This was very good experience for all, as who got to play lists who don't usually play and for me it's was very good to know the enemy better :)

Crossing of Maas EW 

French defending, Germans attacking with possibility to have Night attack, nobody took it, as they thought that Stuka is needed from start... (French won both games :) )

Sevastopol  MW

with CC soviets defending and Germans and Romania attacks. Here the defender prevailed as well, the infantry horde from MW was new thing for those who played this.

Road to Messina

v2 Roadblock scenario, I got to play this with US list, my first time, the Tiger was big problem, but in the end I had to ARP's going to kill that, but we did not have time to see the end here...


Ortona - the little Stalingrad

this was my creation, the Canadian forces equipment got changed bit. This was played twice, with both sides winning it, so ok.

No man's land

Finns versus Soviets, this I also played with somebody who has only experience with US tanks playing the Soviets and me the Finns, got the objective and won 5-2.