Friday, August 2, 2013

ESC / ETC 2013 - Tournament up next week in Serbia!

So it begins, it's my first international competition and not too little at that. First on Friday, I'll be moving my Cassino Fallschirmjäger in Dust-Up, Counterattack and Surrounded.

Thanks for WWPD's Eric Riha for the concept.

There seems to be 47 players in the Singles tournament, so some action guaranteed.

After the ESC, there's the Dinner Party, guess will need to tone down on drinking a bit, there :)

The main event will be the ETC and it's 3 games on Sat, 2 on Sun.

Bridge by Bridge list for that, the emphasis here is winning more than not loosing platoons, so I have stuff I wouldn't normally use, like 3 tank platoon and trained 88's, although I'm gonna try the twin battery in near future.

I'll try to update the blog a bit from Novi Sad as well, but might not be able to.