Saturday, August 31, 2013

No heroes for tournaments?

Well, the title is something that many players agree, but the root here is as always, few lists and few heroes, Patton, Von Heydte, von Suck and so, well, with bbb fj list, you really want those pf  traps, you need Vdh to have them, no heroes, no traps, bad list.

No heroes, no Patton, the list is there still.

People say Fj are not good for tourneys, when somebody gets good games with them, it's because They have Vdh and traps, ffs, you win, OP, you lose, I said so... Can't win...

Happy hunting, everybody, and I would drop Vdh if could get the traps wo him, always, I don't like heroes,
really, but hey try kg kastner without Kastner....

EDIT. Bake without bake, I really think the problem is those heroes every list can have.