Wednesday, June 25, 2014

FNG part 2 - US Paras need some TLC and list improvement.

Garage mayhem continues and played against my new favorite opponent in learning and his Paras.

This time it was a lesson in speed and ambush mitigation. Brutal 6-1 for my panzerspah. FV Paras left hanging, the arty destroyed very early, no reserves arriving, in general a bad day for the Paratroopers. We had a good and thorough debriefing after  the game and hopefully it was lesson learned about putting infantry next to roads and how to mitigate the recce moves, I was in online meeting while he set-up those troops so didn't have chance to let him know what's not good idea, the mission was no retreat and we played with 1270 point forces. Now I didn't have any StuHs, only panthers, 2 nebs, Pumas and Pz Lehr platoon, so not necessarily the best list either against veteran infantry, but when that infantry doesn't connect with anything, it's moot point.

Well, next time he wants to attack, so I will play mine infantry against the Paras... I really fear that if he doesn't win in near future, he won't have fun anymore, and I'm getting better also, with game every week or two. Need to get more people so we could have game with 2 vs 2 or maybe noob vs noob. I'm been thinking also about creating a bad list for me. :)

As for any noob winning with OP US forces, it doesn't work like that. And I don't think AOP is needed with US Paras, he doesn't have that and there are more than enough PL's who can call the Arty. My other friend has bit more experience and will bring the British paras to the party, so at least I'm practicing against the really hard defensive lists as it is.

Give me ideas for US Paras at 1250 points and 1500 points, for a list I could suggest to him. I wouldn't necessarily start with TD's as they do require more than little skill to utilize well. He really wants to learn how to attack, so preferred lists would have attacking power.

Edit. Decided to play 1500 lists next, I'm gonna run FJ pioneers, which although are beasts defending versus tanks, kinda suck as they are so pricy. This should give him the numbers and we'll see. The guys don't believe in mortars, so I'm gonna show some mortar-love with the 10,5cm ones.

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