Thursday, August 28, 2014

Flames of War - the game, wth is it?

So, a friend of mine checked this blog and was dumbfounded about what is it all about. I realized that all the content here must be absolute gibberish to someone who isn't initiated in to the game.

So for all who don't know what the game or this blog is about, here are quick facts:

The game is a tactical, company-level wargame, that is played utilizing miniatures, in a scale of 1:100 or 15mm for the height of a man.

Game is usually played on a 6' by 4' table, 180cm x 120cm for metric people.

Infantry is usually depicted as platoons consisting of:
1 command team, 2-3 figures on a small base
2-3 squads, further divided into 2-3 sections each having 4-5 figures on a medium base

Support weapon platoons are pretty similar, with gun teams as sections.

Vehicles are organized into platoons as well (Soviets into companies), with 2-5 tank models each.

Generally the game is played with agreed point-levels, where each unit adds up to the total, until you reach the agreed level,

Tank company at 1650 points, might have around 10-15 tanks, some recon cars and possible artillery or infantry option.

Infantry company could f.ex have 2-3 platoons of infantry, some Anti-tank guns, artillery, tank platoon, tank destroyers.

The points are based on stats,
 the training level (Conscript, Trained, Veteran), which dictates how easily your units get hit, dig in, hit enemy on assaults and succeeds in other skill rolls as well.
morale level (Reluctant, Confident, Fearless)- this dictates your units will to fight, and is used in seeing if they have the guts to assault tanks, or how easily they get back to action after being pinned or bailed-out from a tank. It's also used when seeing if they break and flee the field, after suffering more than 50% casualties.

The game is usually played using the scenarios published by the Battlefront. Will go back to that in another post.