Wednesday, February 12, 2014

KG Peiper vs. French Tanks ~1000 points

Had a friendly game few weeks ago against pretty new player, who had only French PJ Shermans in his list, 12 in total. Sorry no Pics.

I had 1 plus 4 PzIVJs, 3 Panthers and 3 Pumas.

We rolled for Counterattack, and since we both were AA lists, we rolled and I got to defend...

With 3 Platoons, it was CiC PZIVJ and ambushing Panthers on the field, should have had the Panzers in ambush rather, as it was problematic to get them from reserves later.

He put 1 Platoon forwarder to the obj, and another, with HQ tanks to take mine reserves, which was good idea.

He had nothing that could kill my Panthers, so in the end, it was just up to cats to kill everything, after he had killed my Pumas and Panzers ;)

I have zero experience with tanks, except how to kill them with infantry, so this was lesson for me, and when your opponent needs 3+ to hit your tanks, it's not very funny ;)

With Puma's I was too aggressive... But that's how you learn stuff..

I hope Iron guinea pig also learned something, direct smoke is ok, but if you can't get behind the Panther's, they will rip apart general Shermans any day, Trained or not.