Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gamodls - 234/4's, H/T mortars, and lots of Pumas!!!

Just a quick placeholder for my excellent experience with ordering 15 mm miniatures from Craig at Gamodls . I ordered stuff in my own erratic fashion, and the gentleman sent me what I wanted and a lot more as well. I'm pleasantly surprised as the quality of the castings to my eyes, looks definitely perfect enough for table-top gaming, and they come with under paint, so the details will be seen after I have painted also. Craig also offers different colors for paints, yellow/grey for Germans.

The order was perfectly packaged, so no damage was done to the figures. I'll update this post after I've managed to take some pics of the miniatures. This will leave me at 13 Pumas I think, 3 of the AT12 Pumas need to get some fight also ;)

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