Friday, March 14, 2014

Garage Days Re-visited! Updated a bit.

Been moving from our last apartment to a new one nearby for the last weeks, now I have a small backyard to BBQ in, my Weber One Touch Premium coal grill still in it's box, waiting for Spring, which sadly will be postponed as the weatherman says we'll get some winter starting tomorrow... Grrr.

Well, I also got a nice, warm, cleanish, roomy garage I have no intention of keeping my car in. I've already gotten quite a few interested in helping to create a gaming table and scenery to have a nice gaming depot at home, which should make it easier to play games as the government will be happier with me drinking beer nearby :)

Once all the boxes are out from the garage and in the house, the project will begin.

I'll try to update this blog with the process.


Pfft, still no chance to do anything to the garage but dream of the mancave, I fear the local government is getting ideas on how to utilize the space...

Well, summer's gonna hit Finland soon, so Garage days are awaiting :)