Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Forum - Church of the One Truth

I really have problems with the facts people let's us know when talking about tactics or lists in certain forum nowadays, Like, never take short Fj platoon, you could have Grenadiers if you take that... What? Take pioneers, you really need them. What? Oh, you play those silly blue on blues... I think really competitive peoples are on one side, and the loud peoples on the other side.

I'm at a point where I think I'll stop posting, as I used to loathe the blizzard forums cookie-cutter way of talking, the Flames of War is complicated game enough, with lot of Xs on the battle,

  • The Terrain - Snow, Night, Mud, all make things happen
  • The Opponent - Sure, if you play the same guys with same lists over and over, this is not mod..
  • The Time - again, if you have a limit, it might change your thinking about 5+ platoons with 10 teams each?
  • The possible case of having to move the forces.
  • The Meta - This one is huge. 

Enough of rant, will stay as lurker for the time being, and concentrate on wwpd and few national forums, guess I can share my insights here as well :)