Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tourney Game 1 - FFA vs. 7th Armoured US Tank list

My first game was against player, who hadn't played Fow after v2, so as I was a bit rusty as well, so was he.

The game started a bit late, which left to us not completing it in time either.

IIRC he had something like this.

CiC Sherman of sorts 2iC with Jumbo

1 Sherman platoon of 4-5 tanks, 76mm and stuff, Jumbo as well

1 Sherman platoon of 4 tanks again stuff.. As an infantry player I haven't paid that much attention to the different versions, apart from the HBG stuff...

1 ARP platoon with gun in tow

1 HT Mortars platoon

1 Recon with M2 and jeeps

1 large platoon of Veteran Priests

We played on a generic French rural scenery.

I deployed on the side with the railway, the Paks with VDH in the forest at the middle, second (schreckless) FJ platoon left of it, on the objective, LG40s in the corner woods, the Big FJ platoon was behind the big red brick building (that had no openings on sides/back), the mortars between them and the Paks. Stugs were behind the building to the left of the red railroad building.

US player deployed the CiC behind the right flank forest, Bigger Sherman platoon in the middle and Priests behind it, smaller tank platoon was behind the church, with the ARP and mortars on the road at the left flank, the Scouts were also there.

US Player got the first turn and promptly pushed forward, shermans sniped one Stug. the Armored OP moved on the left flank, the ARP bunched behind the small building at the middle.

On my turn I popped all four trap teams, 3 on the tank platoon at the left and one on the Priests. I managed to assault and kill the Jumbo and bail out a Sherman. Shermans counter-assault finished one trapper. My Bigger FJP moved forwards, while the PAKs, LGs and the second FJP dug in. Stugs moved behind the 1 FJP. My Stummels fired a bombardment on the bunched up halftracks, destroyed 2! and killed a few teams as well :)

2nd Turn for the US player revolved on trying to smoke the Paks, Slapping a bombardment on the Stugs/FJs and trying to kill the Trap teams...

I moved my FJs forward and Smoked the Shermans in the middle. Trap teams shot unsuccessfully, while everybody else more or less stayed down.

In the latter rounds, the Shermans in the middle concentrated on the Paks, killind one with MG fire... The Priests kept hitting the Stugs/Big FJP but rather ineffective, Trap teams kill off the Sherman platoon near the church, Stugs move forwards on my right flank, while trap team manages to kill a Priest. What's left of the ARP assaults the trap team next to the church, and lose one to DF. Trap team is killed.

The recon platoon assaults my obs in the forest, only to be wiped out by my FJP, the big Sherman platoon manages to score another Pak but it gets brought back from the dead by the VDH.  Sherman OP drives to the Flank of my Stugs and scores one. I ignore it as time gets thin, Shermans divert from the right objective and move to intercept my bigger FJP.

Another Pak gets killed by the Priests and VDH helps to re-roll and promptly helps the Paks and himself out from the battle (#%6&&""##) ... I kill off the ARP and start on the Mortars, while my infantry starts the assaults on the big Sherman platoon, I kill one, and they fail their roll, so must break off, only the space is very limited, my consolidation forces them to assault range of my CiC who assaults... Another Sherman burns, and we get time-outted...

I don't have much experience on FFA, TBH my tournament experience is very limited altogether, but this was a learning game for me and certainly for the opponent...

End result was 3-2 for me as I killed 3 platoons and lost 1.