Monday, April 29, 2013

Went to an open tourney, with bunch of infantry and some black magic...

Few pics from the Tourney, will write better AAR in near future.

Took the BBB list to the tourney, first game was FFA against trained US tanks, the opponent was very rusted guy, who did play last in V2nd rules, went to overtime so got 3-2 for me, with 3 platoons killed by me and Pak40s left the field with VDH  :P  Traps were wonderful.

Could have won this in 5 mins by assaulting his tank platoon from all sides, and also in range to contest the obj, but was timed out...

Second game was No Retreat vs. Meuse PZIV list on a very nice Africa table, town though. His worst opponent list :)
6-1 against very good player, was tight. Recon limited the trap teams effects but again useful and made the opponent  move in very narrow lane.

Third game was Hasty attack against the Jaakari list, who won the tourney. I 'won' the Attack roll, and assaulting the objective in 4th turn successively when he rolled the second reserver roll and got one t-28 platoon and 1 Jaakari platoon on the objective with 5,6, 6,6 :( Still manages to kill Pioneers, Torni recce platoon and Stugs for 3-4.

I think the list is very very functional and I'm planning to practice with it in preparation to ETC 2013 where I qualified being 3rd in this tourney. 

I was very rusted also, so need to play lot more.. Winner was Jaakari list, second and tied to the first place played  trackless Finnish Jalkavaki.