Friday, May 10, 2013

Last Tourney game - Hasty Attack vs. Finnish Jääkäri List 3-4

The final game, was me against the overall winner of the Tourney, Oskari, a very capable and friendly opponent from Nopat & Taktiikka Club, we ended up having the best three from our club in the tournament...

IIRC he had:


Full Recce Jääkärit with Törni

Another Jääkäri platoon

Full Pioneers

German Stugs

Panssari Platoon with 4 T-28s

Heavy Artillery

Light Artillery

Pak40 platoon

I 'won' the roll to attack, and he chose the table-edge with the woods in the middle and large escarpment.

He had the heavy arty and Törni platoon covering the other obj behind the crop field, next to the rocky escarpment, the other obj, was on the other flank, hugging the small copse of trees, covered by the Pioneers and Stugs.

I had my big platoon of FJ on my left flank with Stugs, the Paks I put to cover my objective on the right.

I started getting my reserves right from the start , and started manouvering them via the 'monastery' and crops towards the left flank objective. I lost few teams and couple of stugs to the Artillery and Stugs of his on the way.

He started advancing with Törni's recce platoon towards my objective, I put my LG40s from the reserves to help with defense there, also the Stummel platoon went to the south end of the vineyards, but lacked the range for anything but the Törni boys.

The attack went pretty well, and was assaulting the objective on round 4 successfully, the Stugs of his I managed to destroy by the combined effort of Schrecks and Stugs, he did not get any reserves on turn three...

Then round four for Finns, 5,6 for reserves, 5,6 for scattered deployment, T-28s and Jääkäri platoon bang on the objective..... Some swearing by me here, sorry for that... The 'blue' platoon was gutted, and my 'yellow' (need to repaint the edges....) platoon stayed pinned for the rest of the game...

The pioneer remnants assaulted my depleted platoon, only to be wasted in DF...
The Törni assault #1 was bounced by the defensive fire by Paks/Light Guns. Later, by the combined effort of Stummel direct fire and Pak shooting, the whole platoon quit the field, after Törni failed his 2+ (2 out of 3 games in the tourney...).

I deployed my Traps to see if I could kill the t-28s but in vain, we were both weary so decided to call it quits, Finn casualties were Stug Platoon, Pioneers and Törni platoon, mine were LG40s, Stugs and 'Blue' FJ platoon, so 4-3 to the jääkäri.


Nothing much to add, if he'd had to attack, it would have been painful exercise for him, but that's how the dice roll, if he'd put the reserves to anywhere but here.. might have taken the objective, been 4-3 to me, bad dice and good dice on both sides, fearless isn't always that, I still don't think arty is a threat enough.

Delightful game until the crushing reserve roll, still managed a good fight after that, hardest game by far.