Wednesday, January 22, 2014

German's Trained or Veteran, few points.

As Desperate measures was launched, the newest collective understanding is that the Confident Trained panzers that survive platoon morale checks on 3+, are your best bet when running Teuton tanks on the table-top...

Well, Quick check on the worst enemy of a Panther. the Su-100, the thing re-rolls misses over 16" range.

Q: What can't be hit on over 16" range when Gtg?
A: Veterans...

I have my doubts on the survival of CT tanks, they shoot as well, get hit easier, ST more badly (if possible...) and are worse in assaults also.

You can have more tanks, sure, but you'll really need those :)

Also, something else, the Command range for trained tanks is 6" so the Arty/Air/NGFS are more dangerous..

Anyway, this is how I see this, YMMV and all.