Thursday, April 17, 2014

PanzerSpäh 1250 points! Pumas, StuHs and one Boston terrier.

So here's my Easter treat for our local tournament, or rather not that local, as it's a blood-feud between Helsinki and the rest of the Finland (Mostly Lahti and one accommodating Espoo-borne trooper).

CiC in Puma
6 * 2 Puma Patrols
4 StuH's
2 Nebs with transportation.
A Stuka G - limited (Not in pictures, thinking about getting a red Fokker dr.I to stand-in for Air :) )

I am not the best painter around, but I kinda like how these turned out.

Gamodls/BF Pumas, PSC StuH's, rest is BF

Lot of wheels for 1250 points, hoping nobody has wire...

Carlos, (Wild and Strong Mister X) in all his glory.